elsevier-logo Elsevier has graciously supported the Women in Computability workshop.


springer-logoSpringer-Verlag has graciously funded two awards that will be given during the CiE 2013 conference: the best student paper award and the best paper on Natural Computing award.


eatcsThe European Association for Theoretical Computer Science has decided to sponsor all students that are EATCS members and willing to attend CiE2013.


The Association for Symbolic Logic has decided to sponsor some students that are ASL members and willing to attend CiE2013.

Department of Informatics, Systems and Communication –

Univ. Milano-Bicocca

disco-logoThe department of computer science has sponsored the Computability in Europe 2013 conference.

Department of Mathematics and its Applications – Univ. Milano-Bicocca

mathapp-logoThe department of mathematics and applications has sponsored the invited lecture by Endre Szemerédi.

University of  Milano-Bicocca