Women in Computability

Women in Computer Science and Mathematics face particular challenges in pursuing and maintaining academic and scientific careers. Women are significantly underrepresented at all levels of the academic pipeline, while the very few female students involved in Computing and Mathematical Research need to be aware of their talent and role in the scientific community. Indeed, the scarcity of senior women academicians produces the lack of critical information about the culture and content required for pursuing careers in the mathematical sciences.

The Women in Computability workshop aims to bring together women in Computing and Mathematical research to present and exchange their academic and scientific experience with young researchers. The meeting will offer the CIE scientific community the opportunity to encourage young students, especially young female researchers, to have active careers in the mathematical and computational sciences. The CIE community will also discuss on the status of women in Computability research.

The confirmed speaker are:

Sponsorships and Grants

Under the name Elsevier Women in Computability (WiC), the publisher Elsevier (more precisely, the journals “Annals of Pure and Applied Logic” and “Theoretical Computer Science”) is continuing the programme “Increasing representation of female researchers in the computability community” originally funded by the Elsevier Foundation (2008-2010).

This programme will finance WiC workshop at CiE 2013 with the traditional WiC dinner for workshop participants afterwards and offer up to four grants with modest support (up to 200 EUR) for junior female researchers to attend CiE 2013. Every registered junior female researcher is eligible to apply. Preference will be given to researchers who present a paper (contributed paper or informal talk).

Where and when

The WiC workshop will be held at Aula Martini (U6-4) on Tuesday July 2nd at 17:50.